The outreach committee is responsible for creating events to educate and empower the community.


This includes tabling, canvassing, workshops, upkeeping bonds with other existing organizations, sitting in on their meetings, and recruiting for calls to action. It also incudes creating social events for members to enjoy whether that's a game night, movie night, or planning a night out.


Outreach is great for anyone who wants to interact in the community and work towards community solidarity.



Labor is an important cornerstone of our organization. The labor committee helps educate workers on their rights at the workplace, how to organize and build solidarity at the workplace, and to discuss grievances and strategies for dealing with bosses.

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The Leftist Bookclub is chapter exclusive book club for reading theory and other relevant texts. Reading non-fiction can be intimidating, especially if you're doing it alone. This group can help you be accountable and motivated with your reading as well as providing a safe space to discuss your understanding of the text.

There's an ever growing list of books that chapter members would be interested in reading. Book choices are voted on by interested chapter members and reading selections are discussed every 1-2 weeks.


The bookclub is a low intensity way to educate yourself while engaging with and getting to know other chapter members.

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The Utility Justice committee is working towards public utilities. This will create affordable, equitable access and democratic control to basic human needs such as: Gas, Electric, Water, Internet

We aim to achieve these goals through canvassing, town hall meetings, tabling and direct action.

Everyone should be guaranteed basic human rights such as utilities, and profit should not get in the way of an equitable community.

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The bench building initiative started with the realization that bus-goers should have a more safe and comfortable way to wait for the bus than what is currently provided by Iowa City at most bus stops. 

Our goal is to advocate for basic bus stop needs like benches, shelters, and charging stations. These additions to bus stops would provide public transit users with the safety, comfort, and convenience they deserve while they wait for the bus.

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The Socialist Feminist Working Group brings a more prominent feminist perspective to DSA and a socialist perspective to the mainstream feminist movement. We organize around feminist issues such as reproductive justice including economic justice and other issues that especially impact working class and poor women.

We know that the fight for democratic socialism must include diverse perspectives because, in the words of Audre Lorde, “the failure to recognize difference as a crucial strength is a failure to reach beyond the first patriarchal lesson. In our world, divide and conquer must become define and empower.”