The outreach committee is responsible for creating events to

educate and empower the community. Including tabling, movie nights, canvassing, and workshops.

Upkeeping bonds with other existing organizations. Sitting in on their meetings, recrutiing for call to actions.

Creating social events for members to enjoy whether that's game night, or planning a night out.

Outreach is great for anyone who wants to interact in the community and work towards community solidarity

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Labor is an important cornerstone of our organization. The labor committee helps educate workers on their rights at the workplace, how to organize and build solidarity at the workplace, and to discuss grievances and strategies for dealing with bosses.

Come join the Labor Committee if you want to work towards better working conditions for your workplace!

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The Utility Justice committee is working towards public utilities. This will create affordable, equitable access and democratic control to basic human needs such as:

Gas, Electric, Water, Internet

We aim to achieve these goals through canvassing, town hall meetings, tabling and direct action.

Everyone should be guaranteed basic human rights such as utilities, and profit should not get in the way of an equitable community.

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