Learn about the benefits of municpal utilities

how it saves money for your community and puts everyday people in control of their power.

Basic human rights should not be for profit.

What are Municipal Utilities?

Municipal Utilities are when the community and the public control electricity, water, gas and broadband as basic human rights.

Currently private corporations like Mediacom, Midamerican or Alliant control and decide how much to charge us, and what to do with the profits.

With Municipal utilities there is no large corporation to steal the profits, allowing the city to reinvest into the community.

What are the benefits of Municipal Utlities?

Lower Cost

Public Utilities can offer lower rates because they do not pay dividends to shareholders, They are accountable to the community they serve where the citizens control the rates and the local government can share personnel, equipment and supplies

What are the benefits of Community Electricty and Gas?

What are the benefits of Community Broadband?

How can I get involved?