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Fairfield DSA

Branch of the ICDSA

We are a branch of the Iowa City chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. For years comrades in Fairfield have been part of the ICDSA but the differences between life in Iowa City and life in Fairfield often lead the communities in Fairfield to have slight different material needs and organizing priorities. In 2022 we began working together to prioritize what we can do for Fairfield and worked with ICDSA to create this branch.


As Democratic Socialists, we are committed to empowering ordinary people in the workplace and the economy. We know the only way for us to achieve the broad social, racial, economic, and environmental transformation we seek is with bold principles and a broad democratic movement.

If you're in Fairfield and interested in creating a better world for yourself and those around you, join us at our next monthly meeting or social event!

Active Projects

Housing Justice

Rent in Fairfield is skyrocketing and landlords actively take advantage of tenants who don't know their rights, which is why Housing Justice has been our main focus. We're working to canvass tenants in Fairfield to let them know what their basic rights are as protected by the law and what resources are available to assist them in advocating for their rights and receiving other forms of assistance.

Food Security

Rising housing costs paired with rising costs of living and stagnant wages makes it hard for a growing portion of Fairfield to put food on the table. Fairfield already had a preexisting network of Little Free Pantries but wanted a way for people in need to have access to perishable like eggs and milk. Our first success in Fairfield was getting a community fridge setup and operational at the local SIEDA office.

Community Outreach

We're always looking for fun and engaging ways to interact with our community. Our first event was a poetry reading where we invited people to share poems and stories about social justice.

Book Club

Reading is fundamental! This book club meets about once a month to discuss sections of selected reading. The reading is suggested and selected by those who attend.

Get in Touch!

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