Co-chairs | Alexandra and Ryan

alex [at] iowacitydsa.org

ryan [at] iowacitydsa.org

Responsible for helping to set the vision for our chapter, as well as a variety of important tasks like facilitating general meetings, coordinating executive committee meetings, holding the executive committee and membership accountable, and staying up to speed on regional and national DSA meetings and activities

Treasurer-secretary | Matt

matt [at] iowacitydsa.org

Responsible for managing our bank account, tax information, and org status, as well as meeting minutes and other administrative tasks

Social Media Coordinator | Rob

robert [at] iowacitydsa.org

Responsible for managing our online social presence, creating events for general meetings and other events, and engaging with

Outreach Coordinator | David

david [at] iowacitydsa.org

Responsible for facilitating community engagement, including flyering and tabling events, reaching out to other local community and activist organizations that share our vision, and keeping track of meaningful actions and meetings where we should have a presence

Membership Coordinator | Alison

alison [at] iowacitydsa.org

Responsible for welcoming new members into the chapter, recruiting potential members, making sure members continue to pay dues, and keeping track of our membership numbers

Electoral Politics Coordinator | Denise

denise [at] iowacitydsa.org

Responsible for determining endorsement procedures, coordinating electoral campaign efforts, and engaging with campaigns and elected officials we have endorsed

YDSA Liason | Lance

lance [at] iowacitydsa.org

Iowa City Council Liason | Austin

austin [at] iowacitydsa.org